Food with no heart…


Maybe this is a phase, maybe it’s what I was always going to do due to my parents having cooked all my life but this is my first foray into the world of food writing.

Why you doing it now?

I have never considered myself as a fantastic writer but have written about Music and Theatre, it seems like the next thing I want to give a go at is writing about food as I’m passionate about good food and believe we all have choices regardless of budget.

But there are loads of food writers!

Yeah I agree there are loads of food writers but some people write about the new menu at Revolution or the new burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (sorry to those named but you sprung to mind).

What links the 2 restaurants I’ve just mentioned and the millions of large chains which pop up every time an empty space is available? In my opinion it comes down to heart…

What do you want to say?

Over the past 2 years I’ve met lots of people who have sprung street food businesses up from nothing and been to a lot of great cafes and restaurants which are off the beaten track and you have to really seek them.


Now my issue is with places like Nando’s, Zizzi’s, Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge and [insert other large chain restaurant] – they’re literally everywhere you turn right? But they don’t have any character, no real story (that isn’t a marketing ploy), any indication as to why the people work there. Do they even like food?

So if I was to have ‘the usual’ at Nando’s I’d be spending something in the region of:

£10.35 – 1/2 Chicken + 2 regular sides
£2.60 – Bottomless Drink

TOTAL = £12.95

I think the bottom line is that people choose to go to these places because they don’t feel like they have a choice, I want to write about places that have an abundance of heart, soul and character and that probably don’t cost far off what you would eat at Nando’s in your local city centre.

Places you leave and think ‘I know why I had a good time there’ because:

  1. The chefs’ love cooking this food!
  2. The waiters love serving the food!
  3. I enjoyed eating the food!

So follow me on this journey, as much as it is for me as it is for the 1 person that stumbles across this and reads it…


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